Customer Feedback


"Oexning was recommended to me by our local goldsmith who has made many items of exquisite jewelry for my wife.  I trusted his recommendation and have been delighted with the results. I have used Oexning to refurbish silver and silver plate which belonged to my parents, some of which is over 100 years old.  Their work is exquisite, and they can almost miraculously remove dents in these heirloom pieces before replating them. I'm sure my beloved mother is looking down from heaven with a smile on her face when she sees the silverware she received as a young bride back in the '20s, now restored to all its glory. I cannot recommend Oexning too highly.  They do what they say they will do, and the results are remarkable."  - Cy - Collector - MT 

"I received the biscuit box and I’m thrilled.   I honestly can’t understand  how it can be so perfect.  My grandmother would be so happy!!!! Thank you for your dedication to the art of silversmithing." - Betsy F. - MI

"Thanks so much for your prompt and great service.  Pickles will definitely be on the menu and you have rescued the spoons!" - Dr. C. B. - Collector - CA


"Elizabeth, I am simply speechless!  The QUALITY of this job! 

Even my husband was astonished.  (He liked it so much that I even got up the nerve to tell him what I paid for it.)


Your pictures in you ads are no come-on.  They are REAL.

You do realize that this tray would be worth less than this if it were sterling, don't you?  BUT!  It is a fabulous (and fabulously detailed)  tray of Angkor Wat.  Show me any other kind of comparable souvenir for  Angkor Wat.  Angkor Wat is special.  It takes a lot of time and effort  to go there.  It costs a lot to get there.  It is worth all the effort.

And so, I was astonished when I saw this tray on Ebay.  For $35.   And I was also pretty astonished when I polished off every shred of  silver plate that was ever on it the first time I cleaned it.  I now had  a perfectly lovely rose-glowing copper tray.

And now...  well NOW!!!

That thing is over there shining in the sun!!  SILVER!!!!

(And I thought I needed to stress to you that I wanted heavy  plate.  Quadruple plate.  Oxidizing the details in the background so  that the details would show through.)  Did you laugh when I said all  this to you?

It is like telling Julia Childs how to cook.

Again.  WOW.  Just WOW!

Love it and love all of you for letting us benefit from your expertise!" - Emily - SC

"Beth, plateau, pickle castor frame and bride's basket frame received today AND, as usual, we are extremely pleased!  Very nice job of replacing missing pieces on the pickle castor and plateau.   We will be recommending you guys whenever possible." - Bryant - Antique Dealer - GA 

"Beth, wanted to let you know that our candelabra arrived safely today.  You all did a wonderful job!  Our buffet in the dining room looks much better with both of the candelabra's on it.  Thank you!" - Allison - Collector - IA

"My epergne arrived today... I am so appreciative of your work and thank you all so much, I thank you so much...whatever it's value...I still love it and thank you so very much for all your efforts"  - Jo - Collector - IA

"Thank you for the extra work you did on this piece. It has a lot of sentimental value to our customer and she was so happy with the end results. Again, thanks!" - Sheena - Jewelry Store Owner - IA

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"What a job! I am delighted! Sending you business." - Francis - Antique Dealer - KY

"The coffee pot just arrived and I am thrilled!  I looks just as beautiful as it did when we were married.  I have hated the repair job the local silversmith did, but didn't have the time or energy to take it to be re-done properly. So I'm very  grateful and thank you and Dan many times."  - Jean - Collector - MD

"Just got the ladle back today by UPS. The wife is so happy with it and we both want to thank you for doing such a super job on it. It is just so pretty to look at and hard to think that it was so ugly before.  You and your crew do such outstanding work.  Thank you again and if we ever have something to have done, we will surely give you a call.  We will also tell our friends about you."  -  Ken - Collector - MN

"The silver work arrived.  I never thought that you would be able to work out as much of the circular crease in the small plate as you did.  Both items look much better than I had hoped for. Many thanks."  - Bob - Collector - MN

"Thank you for the silver plate you did on our cocktail shaker."  - Liz - Collector - MN

"I cannot tell you how happy I was when I saw the candle holders that you re-did for me.  Thank you again for your wonderful work."  - Marilyn - Collector - MN

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"The Galen Church people said that the communion server was Beautiful! Thank you!"  - Katy - Jewelry Store Owner - MN

"Yesterday I picked up my revolving tureen and I'm still gasping for breath; the job you did is incredible and worth every dime.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart; I have great appreciation and respect for your work.  You'll see me again. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH."  - Ann S. - Collector - Charlotte, NC

"Just a note to say how wonderful the pieces turned out for our client - she is thrilled and so are we.  You guys are the best!"  - Jon - Interior Designer - NC

"Thank you - best work ever!" - Vivianne - Antique Dealer - NC

"The silver pieces arrived safely a few weeks ago.  They look wonderful. Thank you and/or the person who did the work for taking the time to do such a beautiful repair job.  I'll certainly recommend you if I know anyone in need of repairs."  - Jackie - Collector - NC

"Just a note to let you know my lovely old "1810" salad fork is safely home, and looks perfect.  Thank you for a job well done!" - Charlotte - Collector - NC

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"Just wanted to thank you for the kind words you expressed regarding my candlesticks.  They look so beautiful, your company did a marvelous job and I'm so very pleased with the results!"  - Elizabeth - Collector - NC

"The clock arrived a few days ago.  It looks great. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!"  - Betty Lou - Antique Dealer - NC

"The coffee servers turned out absolutely beautiful. I am very pleased."  - Doris - Collector - NC

"Thank you for your beautiful work on my silver teapot." - Gwen - Collector - NC

"The tray looks beautiful!" - Becky - Collector - NC 

"Beth - most excellent work.  My friends in Florida are waiting for your report cards. I will tell them that you got an A+!"  - Lena - Antique Dealer - NC

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"The pickle castor arrived today.  As usual, I am very pleased with your craftsmen's work.  The frame looks beautiful with the cranberry glass insert."  - Larry - Antique Dealer - ND

"Thank you for all your help.  I'm starting to see treasure in things that I would have passed over as junk before I knew what you could do."  - Cynthia - Collector - NE

"We appreciate the quality of your workmanship!"  - Keith - Collector - NE 

"Thank you for the beautiful redo of the silver plated candelabra!  Lovely work throughout, especially the tea set and the gold wash on the tea set!"  - Mike - Antique Dealer/Auctioneer - NY

"Thank you and tell Dan a great job as usual and tell him hello for me."  - Louis - Antique Dealer - OK

"Thanks for the great work. The pieces look great!"  - John - Antique Dealer - PA

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"WOW!  Absolutely beautiful work. Thanks so much."  - John - Antique Dealer - PA

"Castor set looks gorgeous." - John - Antique Dealer - PA

"Thanks so much.  My mother WAS pleased ( and that is not easy to accomplish!)"  - Linda - Antique Dealer - PA

"WOW!  That was a great repair job that you did on my 1793 teapot.  I didn't know that it could be made to look so much better, because it was in such a mess when you received it.  I am recommending you to everybody."  - Luther - Antique Dealer - SC

"The silver urn came last Friday.  We think it looks great.  Thank you - Thank you!"  - Dr. F. W. - Collector - SC

"Thanks Beth!  The customer was really happy."  - Betty - Jewelry Store Owner - SC

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"The workmanship on the bobeche is excellent."  - Cogill - Antique Dealer - SC

"The nautilus looks awesome!"  - Jill - Dealer - SC

"Received the refurbished silver pieces today. They look great!  Far classier than their owner!"  - Mark - Collector - SD

"Thanks so much for the 2 pieces you sent me this week - a lovely job!!!"  - Jane - Collector - TN

"Thank you for your absolutely fabulous work!  Our customers jaw literally dropped when they saw it!  They are as thrilled as the rest of us with the fine results of your work!  Many thanks again!"  - Leilani - Jewelry Store Owner - VA

"The monkey basket is spectacular!  Thank you very kindly."  - Chip -
Antique Dealer - VA

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"Thanks very much for fixing the silver for me.  It looks great and I appreciate you all doing this for me."   - Chip - Antique Dealer - VA

"Received the shipment yesterday.  Wow!  The Pairpoint card tray is a knock-out as well as the figural napkin ring.  They will be hard for us to give up, but great "head turners" for the shop.  We are so pleased with everything, you sure do have a magic touch!"  - Gordon & Judy - Antique Dealers - WI

"I pulled out the before photo on the pickle castor frame - what a change - nice job!"  - Gordon & Judy - Antique Dealers - WI

"Just thought I'd let you know I got the compote today.  Very nice."  - Mike - Antique Dealer - WV

"The pitcher looks perfect. We are very pleased" - Kurt - Antique Dealer - AL