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"How do I get an estimate?"

We can usually provide you with a ballpark restoration estimate

based on a picture.  Please email us at oexning@gmail.com with a

picture, a basic description and dimensions of your piece(s) as well as

a description of the restoration work that is required.  

Our silversmith will review the images and we will email you an

approximate cost.  In some cases we will have to see your piece in-

house in order to give you an accurate estimate, so you would need to

ship your item(s) to us for a FREE estimate.  Our shipping address is:

Oexning Inc.

320 NC 197

Bakersville, NC 28705

"How long does it take?"

Our lead times run up to 16 weeks.  Certain types of restoration

jobs may require additional time.

"How do I know if the piece is worth refinishing?"

First of all, we must stress that we are not licensed appraisers.

 We have been in this business for over 20 years and do, however,

have an idea of what the value of certain silver items.

We will inform our customers when the cost of restoration far

outweighs the monetary value of their item or when a certain piece

should not be restored due to age, rarity or method of

manufacturing.  In cases such as these, we leave it entirely up to the

customer to decide if the sentimental value of their piece warrants

spending the money to have it restored.

A good rule of thumb is that if you like the piece, it is good

quality and will turn out well, you will use it, or it has sentimental

value, then it is probably worth refinishing if the budget allows.

"If it's too costly to repair my silver, do you buy it, or am I out of


We do purchase sterling silver and select silver plated items from

our customers nationwide.  Should you choose not to have your

sterling silver restored or it is beyond repair, we will make you an


In addition to this, should you have sterling silver or gold that is

unwanted, damaged or excess to your needs, we would be interested

in making you an offer on those items as well.  Feel free to email us

pictures and descriptions of the items you wish to sell at


"Will plating fill in the engraving?"

No, it will not.  This is a common concern with our customers, but

we can assure you that if a piece is polished and plated properly, the

engraving will not be affected.

The only time engraving can be filled in, or removed, is when the

plater uses a base coat of nickel, which is thicker than silver, or if the

polisher, in prepping the piece, is not careful and polishes the

engraving out.

We will make you aware if the engraving is too light to begin

with, or if there are any scratches or pits near the engraving that

cannot be removed without damaging the engraving.

"Does replating ruin the value of my piece?"

This is a very common misconception.  The answer is almost

always, "No."  In years of research, we have found that if a piece is

electroplated to begin with, having it re-electroplated will simply

restore it to its original beauty.  The process we use to plate items

has remained virtually unchanged since the turn of the century.

We specialize in replating antiques.  We work with antique

dealers and collectors nationwide because we don't make the pieces

look brand new, we make them look restored.  Most of our

competitors use nickel as a base coat, which can give silverplated

items a chromey or cheap look.  We apply the silver directly to the

base metal, which is the process that should be used.

The only time you definitely shouldn't resilver a piece is if it is

Sheffield plate.  These pieces are fairly rare and were silvered by

rolling a thin layer of pure silver over copper.

"What can you tell me about the hallmarks on silver?"

If you'd like to learn more, visit these two reference websites.

Both are great, free resources.  Spend some time to get to know your


Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks, and/or Maker's Marks

-- Vintage and antique sterling silver.  There are American and

International categories as well as a silverplate section and numerous

other helpful links.

Sterling Flatware Fashions' Comprehensive Guide to American Sterling

Silver Flatware -- The name says it all.


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