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In March of 1947, he opened Lars J. Oexning Silversmiths in downtown

Minneapolis.  Lars operated this shop until 1971 when he then sold it

to his nephew, Carl Bloomquist and son-in-law, Dale Sellman.  These

two men continued the tradition by repairing, re-plating and

refinishing antique silver from customers all over the Midwest and the


Dan Walker joined the company in the mid 1980’s after answering an

ad for a silversmith's apprentice.  Dan stayed on after learning the

trade from master silversmiths Dave Shutt and part-owner, Carl


Beth, originally from Charleston, SC, met Dan after moving to

Minneapolis to take a job in international sales.  Although Beth had no

previous expertise in antique silver, she started coming to the shop on

the weekends and was fascinated by the incredible restoration work

being done by the skilled craftsmen.

Dan and Beth Walker purchased the business in November of 1993

when the opportunity presented itself.  In 1998, the couple decided to

move the business to a warmer climate and closer to Beth’s

hometown. They ended up in the tiny mountain community of

Bakersville, NC, about an hour northeast of Asheville.  From this

location they continue to offer skilled repairs and refinishing on

copper, pewter, brass and antique sterling, as well as replating gold

and silver.

Oexning Silversmiths has a solid reputation for skilled, old world

craftsmanship, attention to detail and unsurpassed quality that

customers nationwide have come to love.  Dan continues to hone his

craft by learning from such people as Master Silversmith Brian Clarke

in Ireland.  As such, there are very few items that Dan is not capable

of repairing or restoring.

Dan and Beth work with antique dealers, collectors, jewelry stores,

churches and the public at large and see many unique and beautiful

items with interesting histories.  Several times a year Beth attends in-

store silver restoration clinics and offers on-the-spot estimates to

customers.  The positive feedback that the couple receives from

delighted customers fuels their fire and makes all of their hard work


Oexning Silversmiths, Inc. offers free estimates and is open Monday

through Friday by appointment only.  More information about their

extensive services is available by calling Beth at 1-800-332-6857 or by

browsing their website.



"Serving discriminating collectors from coast to coast."


Premier Silver Restoration Company


The story of Oexning Silversmiths, Inc. starts with a young, Norwegian

immigrant named Lars Oexning.  Lars began his career as a

silversmith's apprentice in Norway before World War II.  After the

war, when Lars was in his early twenties, he moved to the United

States where he worked for well known silversmiths such as Josten's

and the Tiffany Co. before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota to start

his own shop.


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